Supa Dave West

is an accomplished record producer and virtuoso drummer with a rugged, melodic and neck­breaking sound that has offered a fresh canvas to a number of mainstream and underground artists throughout the years. His musical journey started at a young age in the church. He was the son of a preacher who quickly became the superstar drummer, choir and musical director. Sunday after Sunday, Dave blessed the congregation with syncopated rhythms mixed with soulful hymns. Soon Dave began working on music production. He was given a mpc60 and the rest was history.

Supa Dave’s

syncopated drum programming and unique sample chopping style quickly caught the attention of some of the hottest artists in the game. He even signed a deal for his group “Hot Sauce” with Q­Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Even though the album was never released, Dave was exposed to some of Hip­Hop’s royalty and began working with artists such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Planet Asia, Mystic, E­40, Phife Dawg, Slum Village, J. Dilla, Michelle N’Degeocello, Eric Roberson, Jim Jones, Ghostface, Masta Killa and Rza from the Wu­Tang Clan and De La Soul. He even placed a song he produced with Mystic in the “Biker Boyz” movie and soundtrack for Dreamworks.

Like a recipe held secret within a family for generations, Supa Dave has been the best kept secret and back bone to the De La Soul sound, much like J Dilla was for A Tribe Called Quest. He made major contributions to the De La Soul releases from the 2000s including: Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump (2000), AOI Bionix (2001), The Grind Date (2004), and The Impossible Mission TV Series Pt 1 (2006).
 Most recently, Supa Dave played an integral role in the production of the highly anticipated and record breaking Kickstarter funded, #1 Billboard Rap Album 
“De La Soul ...and the Anonymous Nobody.”

Unlike previous De La Soul LP's, Dave served as Executive Producer, Music Director, Vocal Producer, Drummer as well as producer and mix engineer (along with Bob Power and Morgan Garcia). This groundbreaking LP was conceived from 2 years of live jam sessions accompanied by some of Los Angeles’best musicians;The Rhythm Roots All­ Stars. Through those sessions Supa Dave went to work. Chopping, sampling and programming back the elements from those sessions. All while staying humble, focused and unphased by the pressure and historical aspect of executive producing a superstar rap group.